‘Mona Lisa’ is not her real name! Her name is Lisa Gherardini. Her husband Francesco Del Giocondo commissioned the work and called it ‘My Lady Lisa’ which translates to Mona Lisa.

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Coca-Cola used to contain nine milligrams of cocaine per glass. They only removed this from the recipe in 1903.

In Pre Colonial Peru, the Incans washed their hair and shaved their legs in shampoos made of human urine. Also, human urine was a remedy for lice.

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German theologian Martin Luther had terrible constipation that he used to write letters to his friends describing his bowel movements.

Confessional booths were built to prevent priests from having sex with parishioners.

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Ancient Romans favourite entertainment was watching people killing other people. On one morning 10,000 people were killed in Coliseum just for fun.

Since 1945 all British tanks have been equipped with tea making facilities.

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Due to the build-up of gases in his stomach, the obese William the Conqueror exploded at his funeral, covering the monks of Caen Abbey in his rotten guts.

The high-level walkways between the two towers of Tower Bridge in London were once very popular among prostitutes and closed down in 1910.


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