The Nazis used blow-up sex dolls during WWII to try to prevent their troops from contracting syphilis.

In World War 1, 80 soldiers from Liechtenstein left to guard an Italian mountain, but 81 came back. They made an Austrian friend on their way.

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In WWII, Norway used a clever technique to resist against the Nazis. Resistance fighters gave them diarrhoea via sardine cans.

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In the World War One, a monkey was awarded a medal and promoted to Corporal.

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When World War I started the US Airforce had only 18 pilots and 5 – 12 aeroplanes.

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Sadly during World War I, 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians died..

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In 1963, East German soldier Wolfgang Engels stole a tank drove it through the Berlin Wall to escape.


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