It is believed, soldiers fought the Battle of Agincourt with no pants. Because of an epidemic of pooping.

In 1203 at the Siege of Chateau Gaillard, soldiers snuck into the castle by climbing up through the toilet chute.

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General Joseph Hooker brought prostitutes along for his soldiers to keep them sexually satisfied. This became very popular and his name now synonymous with the profession.

The shortest war in history was Anglo-Zanzibar War. It only lasted 38 minutes.

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During the Battle of Karánsebes in 1788, Austrian army happened to attack itself. This resulted in over 10,000 casualties.

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Incan Emperor Pachacuti allegedly made bone-flutes and skin-drums from the bodies of his conquered enemies. He also wore necklaces made of their teeth.

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Longest conflict in human history lasted 721 years between the Romans and Persians.

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