The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, is the oldest living great-great-grandchild of Queen Victoria.

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Catherine the Great had a secret sex salon with salacious furniture. She also had twelve well-known affairs and illegitimate children.

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Princess Diana failed her O'levels twice and often made fun of her poor academic records.

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The site where Buckingham Palace now stands was originally a mulberry garden planted by King James I (r. 1603-25) to rear silkworms. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong kind of mulberry bush, and silk production never took off in Britain.

Diana's wedding was watched by 750 million people worldwide. Her funeral 16 years later had 2.5 billion viewers.

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While serving ashore in Sri Lanka, the Duke of Edinburgh bought a 2nd hand Standard 8 car in Colombo and drove himself to Trincomalee & back.


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