7 Fun facts about the famous Norse explorer Leif Erikson

1 Contrary to popular belief, Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Leif Erikson made the journey to North America 500 years before him.

2 Leif Erikson, the explorer, is the son of Erik the Red. The one founded the first Norse colonies in Greenland.

3 Leif Erikson was the inspiration behind the European explorers who crossed Atlantic in search of a “new world”.

4 He travelled to Norway in 999 and converted to Christianity. And then returned Greenland and converted the inhabitants to Christianity.

5 Leif Erikson initially planned his travel to discover America with his father. But he fell from a horse and was injured.

6 He also rescued a ship during one of his travel and obtained many valuable treasures. This made him very wealthy at the time.

7 Mid-Western State, Wisconsin in USA was the first to celebrate Leif Erikson day in 1930.

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