5 Fascinating Facts about Florence nightingale

5 Fascinating Facts about Florence nightingale

Florence Nightingale is the well-known founder of modern nursing. She was born in Florence, Italy on 12 May 1820. Her father was a wealthy landowner. Here are some facts to celebrate her legacy.

1 Florence Nightingale was convinced that she heard the voice of God wanting her to help and become a nurse.

2 Florence Nightingale’s tombstone bears only her initials and the years in which she was born and

3 She received the first order of Merit awarded to a woman in 1907 by the King Edward VII.

4 Florence Nightingale was known as the lady with the Lamp because she used to walk the hospital at nights to check her patience.

5 Florence Nightingale’s father paid her £500 a year for helping sick and injured which at the time was a massive sum of money.

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