These 13 Inventions changed the world. But did you know the stories behind them?

1 Naturalist Charles Darwin was the first person ever to put wheels on a modern office chair so that he could get to his specimens more quickly

2 Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair and sat on it while writing much of the Declaration of Independence.

3 The webcam was invented by researchers of Cambridge University to watch a coffee pot. It allowed them to avoid pointless trip to the coffee room

4 ATMs were originally intended to have six digit codes. But the Inventor’s wife persuaded him to have just four as she could not remember six digits

5 Bubble wrap was accidentally invented when Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were trying to make 3D wallpaper

6 In 1825, Samuel Morse from NY was away for work in Washington. He received a letter of his wife’s sudden illness after she’d died. Heartbroken Samuel, then decided to invent a rapid communication method. Telegraph was born

7 Ancient Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria invented the first vending machine which dispensed holy water when you put in a coin.

8 The Polaroid camera was invented when Edwin Land’s 3-year-old daughter wanted to see a photo he hadtaken of her right away.

9 Vikings essentially invented rap battles. they had a ritual known as “Flyting” where they exchanged poetic insults.

10 Nazis in Germany invented Fanta because they couldn’t import Coca-Cola.

11 Jamaicans invented chocolate milk. It was later promoted by an Irish man who sold it in Europe as medicine

12 The tiny front pockets on jeans were invented by Levi’s for cowboys to carry their pocket watches without getting broken.

13 The Inventor of “Tabasco” sauce, Edmund Mclhenny never considered his sauce to be a great achievement. He made no mention of it in his autobiography or his obituary.

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