12 essential facts about the World War I that you need to know

World War I, also known as the Great War, was a war around the world originated from Europe between July 1914 to November 1918. Here are some fascinating facts from the World War I.

1 Although it is very complicated and broad, primarily Germany and Austria started the World War I
seeking European domination.

2 When the war began, the US Airforce had just 18 pilots and 5 – 12 aeroplanes.

3 The US participated only 7 Months. But around 116,000 were killed.

4 Cannons used were so loud that the explosives used to destroy a bridge in France was heard in

5 Dogs carried messaged in capsules attached to their body.

6 Pigeons were dropped in the enemy line, making them play an essential role as messengers.

7 A South African monkey named "Jackie" was awarded a medal and promoted to Corporal.

8 During the war, Albert I of Belgian King led the army. The queen worked as a nurse. 14-Year- old
Prince fought in the ranks.

9 On the Christmas Eve of 1914, soldiers declared a ceasefire and sang Christmas carols and
celebrated together.

10 Once the dominant Austro-Hungarian empire was reduced to a republic after the war.

11 Sadly, world war I resulted in over 9 Million soldiers, 7 million civilians and another 21 Million were wounded.

12 The eleventh month, eleventh day, eleventh hour, the eleventh minute is Armistice Day.

Remembrance – marking the end of the war

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