11 Facts about Donald Trump that will make you cringe

01. Donald Trump once filed a libel case for 5 Billion dollars!! against the author Timothy O’Brien. WHY? The author called him a millionaire instead of a billionaire. Trump lost.

02. that year to Michael Forbes. He was awarded for refusing to vacate his land to make way for Trump’s golf course.

03. Donald Trump tried to stop the building of an offshore 11- turbine wind-farm in Aberdeen, Scotland because he thought “the wind farm will ruin the view from his property”.

04. Donald Trump’s DTJ steakhouse in Las Vegas was shut down by health inspectors due to 51 health violations. They wrote “no measures to destroy parasites in undercooked halibut and salmon” and “raw tuna [that] was being improperly thawed”.

05. In 2004, Donald Trump tried to trademark the phrase “You’re Fired.” from the TV series Apprentice. It was turned down.

06.In 1996 Donald Trump bought out the executive producer of the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants. By 2017, over 24 women have come forward and accused him of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

07. Donald Trump has been sued over 3000 times. More than 100 since taking office. Scams, unpaid royalties, exaggerate net worth claims and racism are some of them.

08.Trump once famously said, “I do play with bankruptcy laws—they are very good for me”. In 1990, he had nearly $1 billion in personal debt and arranged a deal with bankers to avoid bankruptcy. However, he’s filed for corporate bankruptcy 6 times in his career, which includes Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza and Trump Castle Casino!

09. Trump was once sued by The Department of Justice for discrimination because they refused to rent to people of a certain race.

10. Julius Lowenthal, a journalist from Spy Magazine wanted to find out how cheap some rich people were. So he sent 13-cent cheques to some of the world’s richest people to see who would cash them. Only two did. one was an arms dealer and the other was Donald Trump.

11. Donald Trump in the 1990s tried to take an elderly widow’s home through an eminent domain from New Jersey, so that he could build a limousine parking lot. but he lost out later in court.

and did you also know that..

01. Donald Trump is a Germaphobe who dislike handshakes. He doesn’t touch the TV Remotes or doesn’t press the lift buttons bare hand.

02. Donald Trump’s ancestry records go as far as the 1600s. His family name was originally Drumpf and descends from Germany. However, his father told people he was of Swedish ancestry after WWII to hide his identity.

03.Trump famously owned over 14000 apartments by the time he was 27. Today he owns 18 Golf courses 11 hotels around the world. His net worth is over 3 billion dollars. but known as the least charitable billionaire in the world.

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