10 Fun Facts About Julius Caesar

Roman Emperor Julius Caesar Facts

Julius Caesar is a paramount Roman military ruler. This famous figure was not only an excellent general but also a politician. Although he was a dictator, he was loved and honoured. Almost the whole world recognises him today.
Here are some impressive facts about him. In his words, “He came, he saw, he conquered”..

1 Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 B.C. Contrary to popular belief; he was not born by caesarean section.


2 He Was Scared of Cats.

Julius Caeser was Scared of Cats

3 Julius Caesar was from a low-income family and gained his power and his wealth by military means. He never lost a war.

Julius Caeser never lost a war

4 He renamed the month Quintilis to Julius which is now July.

Julius Caesar changed the month July

5 Julius Caesar had epilepsy, known as “the falling sickness” in the play.

Caesar had Epilepsy

6 Caesar could not marry Cleopatra VII due to the Roman laws that only allowed marriages between two Roman citizens.

7 Julius Caesar’s murder was well organised and was stabbed 23 times to death on the Portico of Pompey.

Vincenzo Camuccini, "Morte di Cesare", 1798,

8 He was the first person in history to have an autopsy.

Autopsy of Caesar

9 Caesar left every citizen in Rome 3 months’ wages when he died.

10 When pirates kidnapped Julius Caesar, they demanded 25 pieces of gold. He was upset &
pointed out he was worth more than 50.

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